No Other Foundation
Book 2
Needful Truths for Children of Light

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Chapter Ten

What is in this book has nothing to do with being super-spiritual. The things written here relate to the basics, the foundational building blocks, the first-steps of Christianity. Start here and you will grow to understand the deep things of God. Then you will know that the joy in understanding God’s deepest things comes not from knowing about them but in putting them into practice, whole-life, life-long.

As a mirror reflects the image of your face, so your choices and behavior reflect the image of your heart. Take a long, honest look, and you will see what you believe, who you love, what you want, where you are going, and why you are going there.

May the Lord be your life, and His Word your joy. May you trust God as completely as you know how. May you be so secure in God’s love that you deliberately and eagerly die to self and live unto Him. May shared relationships of love and trust be as precious to you as they are to God. May your Christianity be whole-life and life-long. And may your life affect the world just as powerfully as God’s gift of life affects your eternal destiny.

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