Good Reading

From Older Sources

Short Works or Books written before the 1900's

 1.  The Imitation of Christ - by Thomas a Kempis
                   Originally Translated by Rev. William Benham
                   Put Into Modern English, Edited & In Places Paraphrased by DSB
       Book 1 - Admonitions Profitable for the Spiritual Life
       Book 2 - Admonitions Concerning the Inner Life
       Book 3 - On Inward Comfort and Encouragement
 2.  Teaching As One Who Is Spiritually Rich or Spiritually Poor  Do not let anyone deceive you,
      those who speak empty words live in illusions, thinking themselves to be what they aren’t.
 3.  Whose Doing Is It - God's or Man's?  by John Cassian (John Cassian's Thirteenth Conference,
       originally titled "ON GOD'S PROTECTION"). Edited and Paraphrased in some places by DSB
       This is a weaving together of scriptures supporting the Sovereign work of  God and the free will
       of man.
 4.  My Yoke Is Easy and My Burden Is Light (Parts taken from Abba Abraham's discourse in
      John Cassian’s Twenty-fourth Conference)
Edited, paraphrased, and added to by DSB      PDF
 5.  The Practice Of The Presence Of God  by Brother Lawrence  
 6.   The Greatest Thing In The World  by Henry Drummond
 7.   My Daily Bread - A Summary Of The Spiritual Life - Simplified and Arranged for Daily
       Reading, Reflection and Prayer, by Anthony J. Paone, S.J., 1954. (This Daily Reading is highly
       influenced by both the "The Imitation Of Christ" and the author's personal  experiences with God
       in daily life. You can count on this being a worthy read, nearly equal to the worthiness of
       "The Imitaiton Of Christ.") 
 8.   Boldly and Humbly - by Martyrius (excerpted and edited by DSB) - On what it means to come
       boldly yet humbly into the presence of our great and glorious God by means of prayer, worship,
       Bible study, scripture meditation, or even viewing the wonders of creation. 
 9.   The Ladder Of Divine Ascent - by John Climacus, How to grow from a new believer to a mature
 9.  Caleb The Overcomer  by Ruth Paxson
 10. Greasy The Robber
 11. The Holy War  by John Bunyan
 12. Revelations Of Divine Love  by Julian of Norwich


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