No one can lay any foundation
other than the one already laid,
which is Jesus Christ — 1 Corinthians 3:11

Many try, but indeed, no one can lay their own unique foundation for Christianity, or godly living, or the way of Eternal Life because the one and only true foundation has already been laid. That foundation is Jesus Christ, revealed in the truth and life He brings us. The attempt of this book is to give explanation to that foundation in a manner which puts in plain words what we need to know to come to repentance of our sin and turn to whole-life, life-long faith in God for salvation from the power, the practice, and finally the penalty of sin. I trust this effort brings you to a heart-breaking knowledge of sin, unbelief, and self-centeredness. I hope you find such wonder in God’s dealings with sin and sinners that you repent and put your faith in the goodness of God and the reliability of His Word. And may you come to know the joy of loving deeply one who loves you immeasurably.

No Other Foundation

by DSB

Book 1
Toward Repentance of Sin
and Faith in God

  1. No Other Reason
  2. Knowing What's Right, Doing What's Wrong
  3. The Root of Sin Is Unbelief
  4. The Lifeblood of Sin Is Pride Diven Selfishness
  5. Sin Gains Control Through Our Feelings
  6. A Loving God's Just Punishment for Sin
  7. Justice and Justification
  8. Understanding
Book 2
Needful Truths
for the Children of Light

  1. A Place to Begin
  2. Repentance
  3. Faith
  4. Deliverance from the Power and Practice of Sin
  5. Defining the Sanctifying Process
  6. The Promises of God for Sanctification
  7. The Christian's Responsibility in Sanctification
  8. God's Love
  9. Christian Love
  10. Epilogue